SIMON’s Beverage Division offers its services to events of any scale, specializing in weddings, festivals, concerts, private events, and sporting events. We facilitate food and beverage operations for events from 25 people to over 100,000 people and strive to provide the best operational, logistical, and revenue sharing.

Why Choose SIMON?

The largest money making factor of any festival is food & beverage operations.  SIMON offers management services of food & beverage systems through means of food vendor procurement and beverage management.  Food and alcohol safety are of the utmost importance to our mission and we do so in an efficient and effective manner.  This facet of our mission increases the bottom line for our clients while keeping the customer satisfied.

If you’re considering providing food and beverage services for your event in-house, we can provide logistical and operational support to help your event run as efficiently as it should.  SEG’s festival management staff is experienced, professional, and effective in running large scale events and handling issues as they may arise.


VIP bars, champagne bars and multiple large scale bar service areas all with the option for full cocktail bar service. Mojitos, Long Islands, Cosmopolitans…you name it, we make it!

Every event is unique and the options for how we move forward with our Festival clients varies, but there are 3 basic options that we can choose from –

  1. Service Provision – Bar management. A set cost for the supply of staff and equipment. Stock is provided separately or through our wholesale suppliers. Organizers keep all of the revenue from sales.
  2. Revenue Split – Percentage split of total bar revenue (incremental percentage increase as revenue increases)
  3. Profit Split –  Fixed service cost paid from revenue. Profit split.  (incremental percentage increase as revenue increases)


  • Straight or curved light bar options (VIP areas)
  • Champagne Bar Areas
  • Festival Bar counters (Main Bar areas)
  • Marquee/Beer Tent areas
  • Bartending staff
  • Supporting staff
  • Option for cocktails and mixologist/flair bartenders
  • Fully stocked bars (Beer, Wine, Cider, Spirits & Mixers, Soft Drinks)
  • Draught facilities, pumps & coolers (full draught facilities for multiple mass serve sites at one event)
  • Bar equipment and sundries
  • Coolers/refrigeration
  • Event-wide Point-of-Sale systems
  • RFID
  • Glassware (Plastics/PET bottles)
  • Set up and Tear-Down
  • Full Logistical Breakdown for Set Up & Strike
  • All relevant licensing
  • Licensees
  • Liaising with local authorities
  • Insurances




According to a reports, more than one million plastic water bottles are used during the five-day festival. As you could guess, this waste is not cheap to clean up. In fact, it’s costing festival organizers more the $1 Million to remove the trash left behind from these events.

Every year, more than 8.8 million tons of plastic enters the oceans and scientists predict that this dangerous, virtually non-biodegradable waste will outnumber fish by 2050. If more festival organizers adopted a plastic water bottle ban, our planet would greatly benefit from it. After all, these outdoor concerts will be obsolete if we destroy the venue with garbage. To aid in the effort, SIMON offers full-service bottled water program. We support eco-friendly programs and offer competitive pricing and the following for:

Full-Service Bottled Water Programs

  • POS System (RFID Capable)
  • Trained Staff
  • Recycling Program
  • Branded Water Stations
  • Location Scouting

Refillable Water Programs

  • Trained Water Staff
  • Purified refill stations
  • Souvenir reusable water bottles